Batter is seeing its very own AWS moment


One could say that batter is not getting the importance it deserve. So far packaged batter is primarily used for dosa and idli. And why stop there ? It could easily become the primarily ingredient for host of new dishes. It can make home cooking easy and fun !

One company has expanded the batter category beyond the regular consumers aided by innovation. It’s been rewarded too. It’s very close to the Amazon AWS moment, where the cloud computing company had 6–7 years of free run to build its business without any competition. And yes, it doesn’t happen often. Something similar might be happening in Batter.

Today one will see in large parts of India, packaged batter is iD fresh. One could argue more Indian household are eating idly, dosa, appam than ever before. Just because of the ease of it. The barrier has been removed. North as well as South Indians can have the same tasting idli or dosa at home. We have to thank the packaged batter or ready mixes brands like iD fresh, MTR for that.

This can be bought to other category too. There are areas in the kitchen where the batter can simplify life. Lets rephrase this. Where should you focus if you wish to enter the batter business ?

Just don’t do idli and dosa batter. If you want to compete in a segment, the easier and less expensive option would be to not go after category leader. But by finding your blue ocean. If you look at data closely, it is giving you the signal ! Cake, Pancake, Waffle, …., …., are yet unfulfilled.

Below are various batter options consumers are seeking or shown curiosity for. Do we have batter for most of them ?


If not for anything, we owe it to our wife, mothers and all women who spent their time in the kitchen. If you can save few hours in a week for them, you should pat yourself on your back. Maybe that could be your brand story.

Data source : Google

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