Our love for Pani Puri with or without lock down | Gauss Machine

Pani Puri Trends.
Masala Flavors (% change in interests) 2020 vs 2019.
  1. People have been eating pani puri at home since the lockdown. They have been home ordering the masala to make it at home. Pani Puri is also called Golgappe, Puchka in some parts of India.
  2. Interest in pani puri masala grew by more than 500% (y-y) in 2020.
  3. As proportion of different masala flavors, pani puri masala grew to be 15.17 % of all masala interest, second only to egg masala.
  4. One masala and spice brand (remains unnamed here) who had a product around pani puri masala for sometime has seen significant jump in interests.
  5. This could be short-lived. One would expect the incentive to buy pani puri masala to come down once normalization returns and the corner pani puri wala opens up. But it is also utterly possible that people’s way of eating pani puri has changed for good. We will know soon.



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abhijit maheswari

abhijit maheswari

I like to decipher patterns whether it’s from robot sensor or digital footprints left by humans. AI, Robotics, Mathematics & Poetry interests me