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Indians have taken a liking to Thai curry. From no trace of significance in 2018, Thai curry is the 4th most popular curry in 2020. Egg and Fish being the 1st and 2nd in people’s interest when they explore curry online. Indians, in general, with its love for ‘spicy’ would have a natural pull for thai cuisine. To come to think of it, this shouldn’t be surprising at all. We have similar tropical climate, and similar spices grown in both the region. But why did it take so much time for us to discover this flavor ? Could it be that it was always there, we just started using data ?

Note: Red curry is Thai curry.

Lets look at different masala that shows up in 2020.

Agreed, its long but that’s the complexity and depth of Indian curry and flavors.

Breakdown of curry interests in 2020

Trend line tells us that Thai curry is here to stay

Fascinating to see, we don’t have ‘Thai curry masala’ yet in the market.

Yearly Trends

Thai curry

Apart from Thai curry, people have been curious about thai cuisine, noodles (“thai pad” is a noodle type) and thai chicken.

How people have searched for ‘thai’ in 2020


  1. Some stats: Average score for thai curry have gone up 287 to 314 in 2020. And average score for red curry has moved from 29 to 161 in 2020. Some 5x jump in interest. August saw a jump of 212 % for thai curry.
  2. Interestingly, none of the top spice and masala brands in India have anything for thai curry and are yet to seize the opportunity to satisfy this changing taste.
  3. Has the interest in thai curry growing because more Indians have been traveling to Thailand over last few years ? They come back and seek to cook the curry they just tasted, and also spreading the word. We will let you make your own conclusion.
  4. Finally, connecting this flavor to other product category, its hard to ignore two growing noodle brand successfully launching few east Asian noodle flavors (and some are truly ‘spicy’ and ‘red’) in Indian market. Chings’ secret and Indomie both have east Asian roots. Local food companies should more attention. New taste, flavor and interest migrate to other product category.
  5. Lets turn this around and ask. Do we see similar interest of ‘Indian curry’ in Thai or Indonesian household (Mexico and few south American countries could be next). If not, that’s a new market to educate and fulfill. But someone has to take the lead.

Data source : Google

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